Having spent most part of my life in by the countryside,I happen to be a big fan of Keith Urban and Kenny Rodgers who partially took part in my upbringing as my father had collections of his albums in well stored stereo cassettes and on his birthday he would play some of it as he held his wife by her hand,whose shy feet lacked a rhythm. He would whistle to his songs as he knew bits and bits of Kenny Rodger’s most popular song which happens to be his favorite ‘evening star’.It was a little bit like this;

“Evening star

shine a little Heaven
On a stranger with no dream
Where you are.

You can see the loneliness I mean and if I gotta fight
I can never play somebody else’s game
I can follow the evening star
Starlight, you never need somebody else’s name
If you follow the evening star.”

I would see him march into the garden with fully upgraded psyche with his oily earphones stuffed into his ears and jacked into his old taped scanner handed to him by his elder brother who works at a hospital in the city.He wasn’t all learned but trust me he had the philosophy of Socrates and the wisdom somewhat to that of Solomon.He knew his tomes from where he read and would sit me down and teach me to fly like an Eagle and hunt like a lion,share like the sun,stand tall like a mountain,erupt like a volcano and be still like water.Most importantly he loved ants for their enthusiasm and bees for their loyalty.

He taught me how to live within myself  with the persistence that nobody can love me the way I do.He shared that all I have,I created,but can be brought down by those that exist within.He Initiated a spirit to appreciate the little I have to light up a flame.”My son,even rocks light up fires,don’t be in a desperation to search for matches.”He made me realize that we can tap our potential within challenging settings.

Now that I am older,I learnt to live by his ways,but that doesn’t restrict me from learning by other social perspectives,cause he promised me to be better than he is.Meaning that If I only live by what he said,I would only be a younger version of him.So he sent me into the world to discover the me I am.

I am part of him though cause I chose country music to rule over my joy cause it brings those static nostalgic memories of when he used to pick me up by my axilla and toss me up to the blinding rays of the sun then head on to brush my hair,kiss me on my forehead and promise a never ending love.I still believe that he will watch over me when that time comes when we will not be physically bonding,and If my time comes before,I promise to be his guardian angel.Cause what’s better than having that faith that guides you?That which you believe in without unnecessary pressure from the pillars that hold the society.That which makes you unique from the rest,makes you answerable to your name.The belief that guided Romeo and Juliet to die within the confines of each other’s love despite the negativity from the society.

And as a part of my fathers teachings,most parents teach their children to live with the society’s back grounding and forget to teach them how to live with themselves.

I would like to believe that if I believe to hold that power to change the society,then it is within that power that I hold,that I could make something out of my direct family,Kids and wife/husband.And If I go wrong in the process of trying to smooth things up,that means that I am one of the reasons for societal decay.Change occurs from integrating adjacent links so as to widen the thought to a larger multitude.


  1. “And as a part of my fathers teachings,most parents teach their children to live with the society’s back grounding and forget to teach them how to live with themselves.” I love that. Learning who you are, nurturing and building who you are from within yourself is something that if we learned at an early age, would save us a lot of heartbreak later.

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    1. Most kids work and act in fear of consequences set against a certain act by the societies they come from.This Limits the people they are and promotes lack of self-esteem as a result of having a quality that is in resentment by the society,which might be,in some cases,disguised talents.Parents should learn how to love and nurture their children irrespective of societal bias.

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