imageIt is chilly,The fog has come down on us like an imaginary blanket,you can see it but can’t feel it’s weight.The weather has something against us,it’s like it’s numbing us for a major surgical operation,slowly fading us to a snooze.You could listen to the crack sounds of the hail stones fall above the iron roof of the house that gathers my home.The rapid teeth chattering almost crack my teeth as I loose control over my muscles…

Story time just ain’t yet,and now that I have your attention,It’s important if we look at  the most important facets of life.And today,Music.

Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound and silence,that’s how Wikipedia puts it.Thats Wikipedia,that’s how it feels music to be.Ask me about music,and I will tell you,Music is the feeling that splits my soul from my body and flies it around places I have never been before.In this spiritual movement,my soul trajectory cannot be reset until the absolute mileage is covered.I am not turning back on this feeling that highly takes me.

In this world there is more to it than basic needs,there is more beyond food,shelter and clothing.To me the issue of spiritual nourishment is more than basic because it guides these which we find basic.Confused?lemme rephrase.spiritual guidance selects your culture in how you dress,live and more of how you lead your life.So if you choose a misguiding spiritual guidance set,we won’t speak so differently about your life.And music,Is really an easy way to achieve spiritual cleansing.

“Music is food for the soul”.Just imagine this comparison,music to food,think of the best ways food satisfies your energy.Think of a starved person newly in energy after a meal.Think of that which has the mandate to be classified in the same hierachy as food.You probably woke today to buffet of English breakfast or just a piece of unleavened bread and a sip of salted water;that’s how basic music is,you could get musical ‘malnutrition’

Think of a meal you had on Christmas and now you would like to list it among your favorite meals,think of a song that did change your temperament about life and every time it plays you are reminded of the person you have become.It motivates you,and you play it down the alley as you walk over to your work place joyously,it assures you of a healthy day at work.

Let the music take control,Appeal to the world with a musical approach,a fine way to change the world.



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