One plus one is two just as milk is a healthy constituent of tea,somethings you don’t need a teacher to force you to comprehend,they just occur naturally.I don’t remember any part of my suckling period but I am sure as hell I trusted the process to grow my bones healthy into this stage that I am in,a stage where I am disgusted by the sight of breast milk.

One sperm was contested in a competitive swimming contest against millions of others,It took the determination and the lead,who knows of the cut-throats?maybe secretions of slimy fluids to slow down the speed of the incoming rest?all in all,It stormed the finish line with a swag and maybe one situation,it held the space leading to the winner’s circle for one or more others to accompany.The rest of the swimmers were crossed off from the competition as now the winner and maybe the runners up were declared.One thing led to another and you were born.That was survival in the inner world,an oblivious world.

Now you open your eyes to find other billions of winners whom you coexist with,only this time swimming isn’t the only way to survive.You crush,fall,break,bend,twist and turn.One event leads to another,the end of a race s the beginning of a new one.It is an infinite regression of races.If your legs dysfunction,you learn to use your arms.

Thing is,If it doesn’t occur to you today how much lucky you are to wake up to a full breeze of oxygen,then it must have been a mistake you won the race to existence.I always encourage people to reach beyond themselves and see the light that is illuminated from within their depths,I would like to assume a golden sparkling light,a winning color.You think you are unlucky because you didn’t afford an early morning breakfast,well,tell that to a wealthy stage three cancer patient whose pain limits him from getting the pleasure from sweet tastes of groundnuts.

5 thoughts on “THAT’S THE WAY IT IS

  1. I wonder why it is that the sight of breast milk disgusts you now? Just struck me as curious. It is such a nutritous, natural and wonderful food for babies. Better than anything else 🙂

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    1. I also recommend breast milk to babies,I surely do.but that was just a figure of speech meant to explain my transition from childhood.some of the things that were most important to me then,aren’t in any part of my bubble important now.


  2. Very-well writing post!
    We are here to live life to its fullest, that I believe so too. And one way to unlock and experience life’s deeper meanings is thru gratefulness.

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    1. Exactly Andrei,I would like to re-quote Hosea 4:6 from the bible(my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge).but again,coming to understand that we are heavens away from getting all the right knowledge we seek,we are susceptible to destruction.But with the unity of collective knowledge,we can rise above I believe.

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