Clack!Thud!I tried winning my grip back to my feet but I only tumbled down,crushing everything that I lay my arms on.I folded myself together,not knowing what was about to stream next.”I never thought you were smart,you have always been a load of shit!that’s all you have always grown up to!”I could faintly pay attention to the cursing demeaning words that came from my father’s foul mouth.I was being hosted on yet another weekly edition of ‘I hate you’ live show scripted and fully endorsed by my dad.How I slithered my way outside,still remains a point of mystery,a bright choice,a smart outcome.

My friends at school call me ‘freaky Ken’.Silent and still but my eyes speak death and confusion.I don’t seem to be the kind of person anyone would want to hang around with,I hoover my way aimlessly around my environment and sometimes I lose my bearings,The place that I am in feels like the first time,the people that I see are no lesser to angels,I am in a city of angels,and these angels walk out in the dark world where everything I see is not what I touch. Estranged,I am quenching for something,I don’t know what but It is something that anyone would save stacks of cash for.

The pressure,I happened to seek from the internet a little about cerebral aneurysm,and that’s what I think my body has resolved to.As I sit on the far end of the branch of this tree,thinking of all the wonderful dreams i desire to achieve,a clouding disapproval covers my inside,I was smiling and now I can feel the cold on my frowning lips.I can feel a voice echo,reminding me how worthless and stupid I am.

That’s all I can remember to record in my journal about my dusty childhood,so i hinge it closed and place it inside my drawer at the side of my bed,brush my suit,take up my briefcase and head off to work.As I locked my house from the outside,I smiled at these words,’you are all that you have always wanted to be’.

(This is all a work of fiction and pure imagination based on strict observance and progressive interaction)



    1. This is part of a story a story about a teenage boy whose alcoholic Dad used to physically and verbally abuse him.So later in his adulthood he lost his self-esteem and engaged himself into drugs and substance abuse.One thing that alcohol does is,it impairs judgement.And If I change my attitude and start living according to what my alcoholic father or any parent figure thinks me to be,then I am living a misjudged personality,an Impairment of their perceptions.

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