I came off from school rather late this evening and I had only one thing on my mind now,to lay the rest part of my day in bed.At this point,it had occurred to me how much a stressful day this was and boy!my spine nodded approval too.I lazily twisted the knob of the door that led to my room open gave a sigh and offloaded my backpack with  a thud.I hardly had anytime to adjust my room from the dirty laundry that spread across the floor of my ‘heaven cave'(That’s absolutely my room,I like calling it so cause it instills in me some sort of peace)

“My Walkman!has anyone seen my Walkman?deuce!”I never really liked anyone shifting things around my room,it brought a sense of confusion as to whom the owner of the room really was.But then again after long minutes of search,I landed my eyes on it and there I was smiling minutes later into my therapy with my healing soul music…

I am what I am and fully responsible for who I am.My knowledge is as a hard work for my construction and reconstruction.I might not be superman but atleast sometimes in my dreams I find a way to fly.Something that’s mostly worked on,anything sophisticated,comes with a manual for procedures taken.I am myself a complex life existence,meaning that If I am fully or somehow in touch with my purpose for life,I have full knowledge of myself and how I can play around to achieve some of the things I find to myself success,solely depends on my adaptation to survival.

I admire social settings,I believe in social existence,I love friends and anyone who tries to bring out the best in me.Cause after all,being in the world billions of humans with different sets of personality attributes,means a lot than just the issue of filling the world.It creates a forum for compare and contrast.We compare ourselves daily so as to know our places on this earth,you wake up every morning to set goals so as to achieve a target record almost as high as that of a billionaire you admire,you view into YouTube to get tutorials of how you could make billions in a month?(an easier way being lottery)

This is how I optimize social existence,I compare and contrast,just to get the best qualities and to filter all that I feel to me isn’t really necessarily a success requirement.After a full assessment,I take my time in solitude where I break down all that I have gathered and with that,I update my personality.

I value my personality and corrupting it means losing myself that’s why I most of the time choose to stay alone out of the confines of moral impurity.As I said,I love friends and I couldn’t be anymore of an introvert,maybe an ambivert,and I respect that.One thing I learnt about socializing is,it is a process of personality degradation,impurification.

If I happen to sit around a table with some of my four friends talking about trending issues and everyone is pitch high trying to score a point,that means that I will have left the meeting with four different perceptions installed into my personality,and with that,my personality is changed too.I am not the same person who walked into the meeting a few hours ago,my personality has shifted and I am a different person now.

This has positive and negative temperaments.If I walk out with an Idea of creating a million dollar startup project,then I am winner.If I end up getting tips on how to serial kill each and every member of my family just to inherit the family wealth,then I shouldn’t have walked in into that meeting in the first place.Value yourself and have this knowledge that you were born without knowledge and your mind is actively processing fine details that you think you don’t care about into your conscience.And that every night you lay to sleep,you sleep a different personality from the previous day.



    1. Thank you heretherebespiders,I appreciate your Love,I would love it so much to come over to your blog,anytime you feel like I should be there,I will avail at your service.


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