“With great power comes great responsibility.”If you have watched Spider-Man 2,you will find these amazing words from uncle Ben to Peter Parker quite moving.These were his last words to Peter when he was dropping him off to the ‘library’.In that moment we realize the cross purpose created by both parties trying to reach at the cause of Peter’s behavioral changes.Uncle Ben thinks that it is just that normal teenage behavior,commonly marked by raging episodes.Peter on the other end gets agitated by his uncle who thinks to know what is going on with his life,Peter would wish to discuss the progressive mutations taking place in his life but would not wish anyone to think that he is a creep and a potential vigilante,he was not just ready yet to have the mobs crucify him.So he heads on to the wrestling tournament so as to get his crush,Mary Watson,a car,I don’t even think that was a brilliant choice of action,who gets smiled at and ends up in a’fight to death’ tournament with an aim to finance for another smile.Come on Peter!!

I really think Spider-man was a great movie,and today we are going to dig into the morals behind the story of the only human who has ever sustained spider venom,instead he mutated into this talking,street-polluting giant spider with an ability to design his own costume with lots of love from the city streets but from the scums whose operations were solidly put to rest.

It is so hard to serve two personalities,ask him what being the nerdy Peter Parker streaming through the school compounds with hardly any notice from among his colleagues felt like;or you can as well ask about the powerful,ass kicking guy in a suit Spider-Man really is.The personality quotient that define him,what he is torn apart in.He doesn’t know whether just to be Peter Parker and get a normal life with the normal people that surround him,We can even see that his school grades are gradually sloping down,despite him being a very smart kid.His relationship with his friend Harry is becoming rather tense.He chooses to save the city in place of going to be part of the audience watching Mary Watson live in play as promised.

I think it is never simple,I think we go through this changes every time we grow.We have two personalities,one of the present and one of the past.These personalities are constantly fighting about taking over.This brings about confusion,rage miscalculations,wrong decisions among a myriad side effects.This is a result of split suggestions from both personalities.

You are in the house after weeks of abstinence from alcohol,you are doing pretty fine with your family.You are just watching a show on television when your friend Tommy calls you to inform you of a gig they are in right now.You tell them that you can’t join them because you have been clean for two months and wish to side on the same criteria.After hanging up,a vivid video of how much you used to enjoy the time with your friends plays in your mind,and another one of how much fun they are having without you makes you feel lonely.You are caught in a dilemma,and you can’t make a fine decision of what to prefer.

Most of the time,you past personality wins as the ego is reluctant to accept the new.It takes time for the ego to accept the new,and these are some of the reasons why many fail to get rehabilitated.Your mind fails to accept the new because it has full knowledge of your past,and this is what it relates you to.The mind fights hard to eliminate anything that is not part of you,especially if introduced consciously.




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    1. Thank you Mr. Obeezy for reading my post,I hope you get to read and enjoy more from my blog posts and get something from them as I retaliate, not inform of a favour,but as a need to gather more knowledge from your perspectives.Thank you again

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