As I took another close look into the river,I saw the water wrinkle into irregular reflections of me.Still clear,I could see myself,I could tell the part of me that was missing.All that I had confided within myself all these years slowly started dawning,I put my finger inside the water,then my arm.I had to go,I have been patiently waiting on this moment,the moment when I will return,return to the place where I belong,belong with the people I love.

After years of invocation to God for a walk around town,He blessed me with more than my family had hoped for,a job,but not just any ordinary job.A job that parts you away from home,but with this photograph,I sure will live to see tomorrow to remind me how close I am to seeing you again.

Being in the army is what I have dedicated myself to all this while,although at times I am torn apart between my family and the wider civilization,a civilization that I vowed to protect with my life.I pull through just fine after I read and re-read this letters my family wrote me.I smile cause I notice how lonely the family photo looks without me,there is nothing warmer than the feeling of hoping for somebody’s love the next time you meet.

As I stand the battle field,It is loud from the wailing and gunshot noises that prevail and blurred from the smoke that clouds beside and ahead of us,but that doesn’t limit me from focusing on my targets.They can’t kill me,not today,my service to my country is still green,these people need me.What will my sons say when I am gone?how red will my wife’s face turn when she tries to come into terms with her loss?I could picture her crying,I could see her saddened face hid behind her palms,besides losing me,she loses a great deal of water through her eyes. That’s just too much for me.

I step up my game,an epic moment of coordination stems us firmly against our oppressors,I could see some of us retreating back,others dying,brave heroic warriors.But those of us who hoped to live,fought with the last of their tooth.

God bless those who love so much,those who find discomfort in pain,those who unconditionally give themselves away for the sacrifice of a whole lot.

3 thoughts on “KEEP HOLDING MY HEART

      1. Oh .yeah.how can i forget them coz of them ,all r in saftey in thier place.my childhood was belonged from army life.they r really adorable n admirable.

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