00:00 hours,ha!Immediately I look at my clock and see this,my mind translates the digital numerals to midnight.wait!I just thought,could it possibly be that the world began at midnight?Law of integers,zero is the standard measure of count from which you can either go positive or negative.

Ever since I came to this,I decided to sanctify my midnights.I pledged never to go to bed before this time,and believe me everything else in my life breaks the stiff since then.I take this time to watch national and international news,listen to old country jams,talk to the skies with my eyes wide open with an aim to air reach God,dig back into history and make comparisons with the heightened age.

This is my belief,I am not actually saying that there is anything peculiar about midnights,apart from those that do host the blue moon.My philosophy is that anything that one believes should be able to let him achieve an all round success.When you believe in something,it becomes part of what you are accustomed to,and this deepens the roots of your culture and strongly implies its impact to your next generations as it fades.

Lets take a person who has been administered with a placebo drug for example,before administering this drug,the subject is made aware that the effects will amount to a stomach upset.A few hours into the experiment the subject feels his bowels getting uneasy,so immediately he claims deductions of how awful the drug is,walks out from the experiment and gets his friends to know how digestion unfriendly the drug really is.

His friends out of curiosity walk into the experiment and to their disappointment,find out that the drug is actually stocked out,but they are presented with another set of placebo drugs with a different effect of headache.So they take the drugs and hours later,effects erupt.

This a psychological gameplay,the positive suggestions given during the pre-hypnotic  stage prepares the subjects psychologically for a physical turn out.So this means that the mind is a very reactive organ,It can create a situation from nothing.In one of my posts I talked about dreams,this is one of them.

So this brings us to a moral lesson,whatever you believe,your mind conforms to it.(I will continue believing I am superman,cause he shows up in my dreams oftenly😂😂)


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