Life🤔!what is life?well confined in planet earth,something that it boasts to other planets about.The most active planet,I don’t know really if it’s a good or bad thing.That’s the point,good or bad.what’s good?then again,what’s bad?concepts,with all that is lying down across all knowledge,was built highly from integrating words with natural order.A one year old baby will cry when agitated and let out soft gags when engaged in progressive clowning inclusive of making goofy faces,yet it can’t put this feeling into context.A serious phenomenon that can’t in anyway go wrong.You would be crazy to poke your mother angrily in the eye for making your birthday anniversary a moment of chills.Laugh at the advent of a terrorist attack,and everyone will prove your alligience to the massacre.

What this is,remains a world of utmost extremes which serve as a measuring stick to guide the degrees of our experiences.Without them,we wouldn’t have the word ‘difference’ in our dictionaries.There runs a spectrum where all qualities are gauged;sweet and sour,excellent and poor,rational and irrational among so many more.

A wild Rhino is a nightmare to a lad who got his hipbone crushed on the onset of a Rhino stampede,a different feeling for another who had thieves rammed off his compound by a Rhino he now would like to make acquaintance with.

The above illustration shows how rational beings can get themselves confused in situations,a similar concept can create different situations thus different responses.In this case a Rhino is the concept(good or bad) that can create situations open to judgements from the outcome.

I don’t need blinding light but fill my soul with that which is bright and an eye that can see,So I could tell the world how beautiful your work is.


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