In the beginning the earth was formless and desolate.Everything lacked planning,was all a scattered appearance.I don’t know how the earth was designed into a globe and left to hang on a single axis with all its weight,now spinning around billions of people and maintaining its balance.What sort of strong link holds almost nine planets through eons without holding back?Is it metal?A heavenly fabric?Mystical chains?

Man ate knowledge,now rampantly designing his own fixtures into the world.Serious architectural designs.But from what?discoveries of the guy who dug into the ground and practiced with copper until he learnt it could conduct electricity deserve modern public merits.What about that who came about processes of electromagnetic induction,he introduced darkness from light but under minute instances as compared from the the heavenly guides of stars,moon and sun.

gods from gods and yet this controversy,who do we imagine holding that torch above our heads?

nairobi cty

Above,an example of what our inventions have led to.This still added to a tally of almost billions of people inhabiting the earth,causes no redirection of the earth.Impact and still solid we survive.


Who designed this witty paths?of course us,I no longer comprehend what I am walking upon.This webbed passages that I trend upon.The above picture is just a non-developed segment of what the earth looks like,just imagine all the other places hid beneath the tunnels.I mean,humans now possess that god-like attitude,but would they manifest themselves in all the mysterious aspects that spread above nature?

All that I live for,All that I have set my eyes on,all that to me remains a concealed phenomenon,All that I would want to lay in my sleep knowing.The Characteristics that rise above our pondering gift.


exactly the kind of things that stream across my mind every time my silence gets the better part of me.If you never get to ask yourself questions about the beauty of what sieges your surroundings,then you really were never meant for your eyes.Some places I would wanna step a foot on but how vast the world is remains a limiting factor.But not a discouragement,I will one day spread my wings and fly,far across the boarder and into every other city.

How anyone would create musical rhythms from known and unknown aspects of nature and make the moment a goosebumps analogy still remains to me the most epic signatures of life.I would respect anyone,and better yet follow that who teaches me to understand that which I don’t understand about my surroundings.

Spare my soul,let me live with those whose eyes are bleeding and those whose senses are barely respondent.Make me a tool so I could fasten what you designed.

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