Love,a hearty expression,An overflowing grail of emotions and desires.An inextinguishable warming thirst.A gentle section of you tripartite self.A feeling that bursts into trust and kindness,humility and honesty,a closet full of virtues.

Love is the extension of oneself objectively to nurture one’s own or another’s spiritual growth at will.

A widow with three kids was blessed with a slice of bread,she looked at her three year old son and opted him to have it in her place.Another starving widow harvested a poisonous fruit that was hanging to a height that didn’t require much effort to pluck on her way home after long hours of unfruitful search.She split the fruit into two halves and had her maltreated daughter have one half from her back,where she was fastened with a shawl.

Love is the fear of losing a self-projection,a spiritual extension of yourself.

Love begins from within me,If I can’t love myself then there is no way I can extend myself to others.It is more of diffusion,higher concentration points to lower concentration points.If I can’t buy myself lunch because I think it is an uncalled for expense,then someone comes into my life and I start buying lunch every time they come to visit,doesn’t mean that I love them,It means that there is some other hidden motive beyond love.

We all do things to impress those who we really think we love,even though we strain ourselves beyond our boundaries.You date someone who cancels your executive coaching programs every Thursday and replaces them with ‘Imax Thursdays’ .But you do it anyway,not because you love the idea,but because you think that they are the only things that can get you love and without them,all love is lost.

When I get angry,I walk inside my room and play with my toys for a little while,A thing I used to do nineteen years ago.Nineteen years ago,my dad bought me these toys so i could play them every time I felt lonely,this was even before i knew someone could make friends.I appreciated the time,and there was more to it than the feeling of Joy,an inward feeling of peace.Seventeen years later,I found this girl who I liked so much,we dated a whole year then broke up.I was all on my phone texting her about how much I can’t live without her.

A full seventeen years I have lived not knowing her,and now I believe that the world would force a stop if she walks away from me,this is actually how I learnt the definition of irony.

No man is an island?We all are islands,separated from land by water bodies.We are humans separated from each other by personality variance.


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