The Scenery was exciting almost as though I was watching from the screen of a movie theatre. I could see from a distance how Malls were spiraled with colorful decorates. From the entrance gate, a fleet of cars was waiting to be validated inside creating dramatic snarl-ups towards the exit road on the highway that leads to take me home, country home.

All I could think of was how to make the jingle bell sounds stop snatching away my concentration from this book I was trying to read because reading is one amongst my greatest hobbies. On our way upcountry, we had to make a couple stops for errands and one which caught my attention was in the slaughterhouse, this scene would have sent any European out in the streets, with flaming flags, to protest.


“Finally!” I thought to myself as we were almost home to celebrate with the rest of the family as our family constitution dictates when a drunk man zoomed past in front of our speeding vehicle, Unluckily he did not make it to the side of the road he was racing towards; Luckily for us we weren’t the ones to stop for police procedures. I twisted my head back slowly to witness the angry mob approaching the truck driver. We were long gone before my cousin witnessed his first dramatic lynching and he seemed pissed by the looks on his face.

I wake up to a big surprise minutes later to a beautiful view of lights shining from a Christmas tree just beside the doorstep to my grandparents’ house, where a cacophony of sounds was coming from, my cousins stood…

It was past three in the morning and the last one of us had just passed out, I was feeling different though, sleep had overcome me and I had to go nature’s way.



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