Soil to man is the innocence of a child.Garden of Eden,the cradle of existence.Survival,inception of deficiency,beginning of all ails and bitterness,the madness of man.Pollution of everything that exists,the change of default settings.

Civilization after the other,man used his observation power to level his skills with all that exists within and beyond.Used other animals and plants to satisfy his happiness and survival.He was cursed under diseases and death,he developed a necessity to fight against all these.He studied the ways of the lion,the strength of the elephants,the social existence of ants,the agility of a snow leopard and used these discoveries to rise above death towards optimum survival.

This wasn’t enough,Man fell in love.Man felt the urge to have the best,so he schemed ways to be the best.He observed the beauty of the flamingos,the pride of the peacock,the camouflage of the chameleon,the integration of bees and how winsome kittens really are.With these he stood firm inside the competition storm.

Man felt threatened,he was oppressed a couple more times than the first.He thus desired the need to find new defensive tactics.He observed nature,Isaac Newton witnessed an apple fall from a tree,he discovered force of gravity.Objects that appear far from gravity,attract towards the center of gravity with an accelerated speed.Man designed cannon guns,civilizations were torn apart.

Man consolidated all these concepts together,It was no longer an aspect of survival,man desired to be better than anyone of his species.Greed!man was slowly evolving into something he wasn’t designed from,Satisfaction.God made us with utmost satisfaction,he said his creation was good.Man had an unquenchable thirst for power,the beginning of madness and all aberration.

25 thoughts on “A HERO CAN SAVE US

  1. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for taking time to visit my blog page and having a follow. I appreciate the support and look forward to reading more of your blog post and getting to know you.


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      1. Oh have you? Well, I try to just do what I know what I am good at and I realize none of them are amazing videos, bur I just be myself because that is all I can really offer.

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      2. Many people don’t think they can, but once you do it, it is almost like it was too easy. I didn’t think I could either, for awhile I was debating this but decided to take that leap!

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      3. Yeah that would be interesting, very interesting indeed. Possibly because it might not be a hot topic on YouTube, people like different and something that is mundane, I think that would be a good idea.

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      4. This is very true, very, very true. I have had others say this same thing. I think I just consider it being humble, maybe in my head I have that boost of confidence that people have on screen but not out in the wild forefront, not yet 😀

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      5. Before I thought of writing,People thought that my ideas were too abstract,they tried disengaging me from my passion.Others were too cynical,a lot of challenges along the way.I oversaw a chance to begin a new way to express myself,through observation and being only 21 years of age, I believe there is still more to see.

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      6. Yes, there is always tons more to see. I don’t think anyone in my family really understands my writing — they don’t read it to know why I write to be honest and that will take time I suppose. I am happy you decided to write though , this is a good thing in the right direction 😀

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      7. You should visit Kenya and you will find something to write about how talent goes wasted by Kenyan families who are critics and believe that everything else revolves around education.

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      8. My family pushed education too, which wasn’t so bad because I took mine very seriously for long time until it exhausted me but still continued to do it because had to. I have been talking to someone else who is a blogger from Kenya, she and I have a good friendship going 😀

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      9. you should get a piggy back from an ostrich,and I would be blessed If got a chance to see the awe on your face when the ostrich actually likes you back.We have agencies tour visitors around parks,and my father happens to work in one.I love travelling and adventure,I have seen a lot of animals.If there is anyone who should be acting Tarzan,it should be me.Those are just among the basic things about me.

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      10. Wow! I didn’t know people can ride ostrich’s that is new to me. Are there any animals you do not like or are afraid of? I love traveling too, but I have only traveled within the states.

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      11. Animals I don’t like,well..I have this crazy fear of venom.I am fearless of any animal without venom and any animal that isn’t rogue.
        Are there strange animals in the state side?

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      12. Oh goodness, I would be scared of venom too, that is one of those things you don’t want to happen to you.
        Strange animals? well, we probably don’t have exotic animals walking around, but we have people who ship exotic animals (snacks, crocs, certain birds, etc) which isn’t always good. Typically where I reside, we don’t have much other than squirrels, some species of spiders, deer, coyotes, and certain birds. Oh and on farms, people have cows, horses, chickens.. stuff like that.

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      13. Lets begin with coyotes,I am afraid of how full moons turn out for you guys,werewolves and other creepy subspecies,kidding I know much about fiction.
        If you have certain fears about reptiles then we should really join hands.Being an animal lover from a basic age of four,I happen to have a weird collection of pets.I never knew people from the states reared poultry,that to me sounds like what Africans are into.We all have this misconceptions that we really want to put out.

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      14. hahaha!how far do your eyes see,do werewolves have a thing for the neck like vampires?Cause I should really start having a strong fabric for my neck,If that would suffice.
        Well,I had a turtle that I cared about so much,I did not buy It but I happened to find it shying around bushy paths inside our compound,I took it in.How weird is it to have praying mantis hopping all over your floors?


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