Bullshit at some point makes up for the definition of none sense but in elevated sense,not quite of what we might think bullshit has led,mainly to the development of brighter levels of sources of energy in the present industrialized reforms,in terms of biogas.What intellectual minds and necessity for increased energy supplies did was curtain all the uselessness in bullshit and extract essence in what we all thought was waste pile up.Brilliant!

Men and the society!from history reports,men were portrayed as the basic unit of any societal appearance with exaggerated thoughts of political supremacy.They also were in charge of economic responsibilities.This made gave them an unlimited power with an upper hand against other structures in the society.Women were constrained from exchanging political insights and engaging in economic control.Their potentials were blocked from further development of the society.

Women had their roles though,socially;they were tools of appeasement used by men to their satisfaction.They socially were ranked below hierachy.In most cases,they were used as sexual tools used to reward their heroes of war and ‘societal heads’ by making them complete in return of security which most women seem to be strongly attached to.So men pushed on with their duties effectively,dismissing the psychological states of women who were treated against their will into various barbaric actions.

21st Centuary huh!I would slap anyone who thinks that there hasn’t been recorded among us a global change.Women,no one thought they could be this aggressive and full of ambition.In the last decade,an American based artist Ne-yo released a hit song ‘miss independent’.He did this though cause he realized the growing stability among the female counterparts.But what is happening during this change is,the graph that plots the male ambition and vim towards success is quite on the flop.We might have another song ‘Mr.Independent’ released in the coming decades by a female music group.





Unstop the whole world!unstop the whole world,from turning into a monster,eating us alive..Cut music,On set,and go!

I have had enough already,human kind seem not to understand!I am just a guy who tries to get my other end in life,well they seem alienated to what surrounds them.Crippled and destroyed inside,these hurricanes never seem to clear off and give the sun some active time to spread right above our heads.We are aware but afraid that time is sparking out.How am I less human when my bones surface out prominently than yours?My blood runs in my veins with a distinctive pressure that I could hear my heart beating so fast,so fast are you all quick to judge.

I was born,I was told.I was aware of how much the world graded my type,I resented and fought with myself.How many times I wanted to kill my self are as many as the world turned a cold hand.What If I don’t want you to feed me,or part of your financial help.What If I only need a hand that joins mine to make across that river that I dread,a friend who can tell me stories,I don’t know warmth,but I would gladly appreciate that who will describe its nature till I can ignite my own fire.

How do you laugh,how do people smile?I stretch my lips and all they can do is get amazed .I am Hiv positive,and this to the world means a human virus,an enemy of the state.I believe if it were during those times of golden age Greece,we would be locked the same room as leppers,stoned and persecuted for the sins of only being human.

At school you can find me at the corner of every room,heavily covered to the brim of my eyes,I am a mutant and they are afraid I could generate some sort of epidemic fluid through the pores of my skin,or through the breath of my lungs.Some even hope to have me casted in on full episodes of supernatural series with the winchesters slaying my demonic head off.But I smile,now that the wise think that what you can’t fight you shake off.

I am beautiful,and now that I came to understand that all that they see is closely present to my eyesight,I fear not,I wasn’t sure if I were human,now I know.I will live,and If I die,I will knowing that the world is a changing as it spins.Stay with me,be with me!

(A story about a friend who has world class views of a changing world.He imagines the difference between hypocrisy and true love,he wishes to get as much love as he portrays.”The world surely changes as much as it spins”)





“With great power comes great responsibility.”If you have watched Spider-Man 2,you will find these amazing words from uncle Ben to Peter Parker quite moving.These were his last words to Peter when he was dropping him off to the ‘library’.In that moment we realize the cross purpose created by both parties trying to reach at the cause of Peter’s behavioral changes.Uncle Ben thinks that it is just that normal teenage behavior,commonly marked by raging episodes.Peter on the other end gets agitated by his uncle who thinks to know what is going on with his life,Peter would wish to discuss the progressive mutations taking place in his life but would not wish anyone to think that he is a creep and a potential vigilante,he was not just ready yet to have the mobs crucify him.So he heads on to the wrestling tournament so as to get his crush,Mary Watson,a car,I don’t even think that was a brilliant choice of action,who gets smiled at and ends up in a’fight to death’ tournament with an aim to finance for another smile.Come on Peter!!

I really think Spider-man was a great movie,and today we are going to dig into the morals behind the story of the only human who has ever sustained spider venom,instead he mutated into this talking,street-polluting giant spider with an ability to design his own costume with lots of love from the city streets but from the scums whose operations were solidly put to rest.

It is so hard to serve two personalities,ask him what being the nerdy Peter Parker streaming through the school compounds with hardly any notice from among his colleagues felt like;or you can as well ask about the powerful,ass kicking guy in a suit Spider-Man really is.The personality quotient that define him,what he is torn apart in.He doesn’t know whether just to be Peter Parker and get a normal life with the normal people that surround him,We can even see that his school grades are gradually sloping down,despite him being a very smart kid.His relationship with his friend Harry is becoming rather tense.He chooses to save the city in place of going to be part of the audience watching Mary Watson live in play as promised.

I think it is never simple,I think we go through this changes every time we grow.We have two personalities,one of the present and one of the past.These personalities are constantly fighting about taking over.This brings about confusion,rage miscalculations,wrong decisions among a myriad side effects.This is a result of split suggestions from both personalities.

You are in the house after weeks of abstinence from alcohol,you are doing pretty fine with your family.You are just watching a show on television when your friend Tommy calls you to inform you of a gig they are in right now.You tell them that you can’t join them because you have been clean for two months and wish to side on the same criteria.After hanging up,a vivid video of how much you used to enjoy the time with your friends plays in your mind,and another one of how much fun they are having without you makes you feel lonely.You are caught in a dilemma,and you can’t make a fine decision of what to prefer.

Most of the time,you past personality wins as the ego is reluctant to accept the new.It takes time for the ego to accept the new,and these are some of the reasons why many fail to get rehabilitated.Your mind fails to accept the new because it has full knowledge of your past,and this is what it relates you to.The mind fights hard to eliminate anything that is not part of you,especially if introduced consciously.






00:00 hours,ha!Immediately I look at my clock and see this,my mind translates the digital numerals to midnight.wait!I just thought,could it possibly be that the world began at midnight?Law of integers,zero is the standard measure of count from which you can either go positive or negative.

Ever since I came to this,I decided to sanctify my midnights.I pledged never to go to bed before this time,and believe me everything else in my life breaks the stiff since then.I take this time to watch national and international news,listen to old country jams,talk to the skies with my eyes wide open with an aim to air reach God,dig back into history and make comparisons with the heightened age.

This is my belief,I am not actually saying that there is anything peculiar about midnights,apart from those that do host the blue moon.My philosophy is that anything that one believes should be able to let him achieve an all round success.When you believe in something,it becomes part of what you are accustomed to,and this deepens the roots of your culture and strongly implies its impact to your next generations as it fades.

Lets take a person who has been administered with a placebo drug for example,before administering this drug,the subject is made aware that the effects will amount to a stomach upset.A few hours into the experiment the subject feels his bowels getting uneasy,so immediately he claims deductions of how awful the drug is,walks out from the experiment and gets his friends to know how digestion unfriendly the drug really is.

His friends out of curiosity walk into the experiment and to their disappointment,find out that the drug is actually stocked out,but they are presented with another set of placebo drugs with a different effect of headache.So they take the drugs and hours later,effects erupt.

This a psychological gameplay,the positive suggestions given during the pre-hypnotic  stage prepares the subjects psychologically for a physical turn out.So this means that the mind is a very reactive organ,It can create a situation from nothing.In one of my posts I talked about dreams,this is one of them.

So this brings us to a moral lesson,whatever you believe,your mind conforms to it.(I will continue believing I am superman,cause he shows up in my dreams oftenly😂😂)




I will not bow,I will shield from every arrow cast from a bow to destroy what I am up against,what we are all up against rather.But this reminds me that in every fight,there exists two or more parties,which side you lay on determines the effort of your vigilance,your vim and enthusiasm to break a stalemate.I am not speaking a physical war,I am aimed more for the spiritual form than what the body strains us to do,cause the body is weight,and all which that gathers weight,slugs.

I adhere to the state commands,I believe in what man has come up with to administer a higher grade of change,it is appeasingly commendable,but that is just a replica of what we obviously see.I thought of how one day,man would respect the course of spiritual upgrade and stop worrying so much about material pride.The soul is tender,weight-free,any imbalance on it would cause a physical tumble.The soul controls the body,what you do with it,the effect focuses directly on your physical form.

Think of all those who have billions in their account and yet lack the power to strike a balance between their souls and bodies,they end up in progressive turmoils.The body also has a directly proportional relationship with the soul,how you treat yout body,reflects how your soul will turn out.

Thats why they do yoga,they do physical poses with an aim to reach the soul,thus spiritual fitness.That inner piece has transformed the life of monks in china,whose lives solely are aimed towards saving the environment.There is nothing better and cherful than making a healthy correlation with the environment through learning,social integration and appreciating nature.Thats why everytime my moods brighten up after nature walks,visiting social institutions and most importantly the church,through this a sort of spiritual transformation has been engaged,and once this happens,baptism is much less a change than this.

They say baptism is a process of getting a spiritual reboot.Well,if you take a 2 year old to a baptism initiation and he is unaware of what is about to transpire after the process,he might relate all this to swimming,he has not found himself yet.I saw a fourty two year old get baptised,he reached a point where he felt the need to control the magnitude of his life,he made introspections,he came to a resolution of what he desires internally.This is a true transformation based on choice and self-guidance.

I got baptised at the age of three,and my parents gave no advice on what I was supposed to do after,they simply told me that I was being born again.They expected change to occur simultaneously since they held on to their religious dogmas submissively.I grew up to be no less than the next man until I found it within myself to execute changes that now guide me.A spiritual journey begins with oneself everything else is remains guidance from those who have successfully attained spiritual progress.

Baptism remains to me a symbol of change.And with all symbols,you must interpret to find the true meaning.Find your meaning and the road will be less dramatic.



I don’t waste my time trying to off-shade the essence of politics.The saying that it is a dirty game remains to us an unconscious motive that we wish to drive out consciously.In fact,I don’t believe anyone who would stand on a podium before an audience of thousands of people advocating for change.I once saw a man present to dozens on a talent search program,under spoken word category,about impunity enjoyed by powerful people.He chose to use satire to bring out the evils of the society,but with keen listening,you would notice how much he lasted for power.

Water being tapped into a container with a hole on it,will jet out proportionally and simultaneously.And as every human has an affiliation to easier means to achieve success,anyone who doesn’t achieve the probable amount of power to attain cheap success might resent those who have stepped onto a higher pecking order.I am not about to advocate for anything,I am just not pleased by how people lead a double standard life;preach water and drink wine.

Humans,advocate for that which is good,They get a chance to exercise their demons and they blindly adhere to the opposite of what their conscious mind had been locked under.They then justify themselves,pulling out a ‘man is to error’ card to their convenience.No experience is important to any human until it serves a fraction of his time.So in a world where all hate and prejudice is on the rampant,we can never find a way to see how beautiful different is.I would dream to sit on the same bus as a white boy and have his dreams revealed to me and smile at how close our visions are intertwined.

I am not much in a world where they teach less and expect great,but what I have is a realization of how we have poisoned our governance,our control.I would wish that one day,everyone would prefer roses over bullets.Just a few of us to change the world,I believe that power is within me and beyond others who we can clearly rectify.



In the beginning the earth was formless and desolate.Everything lacked planning,was all a scattered appearance.I don’t know how the earth was designed into a globe and left to hang on a single axis with all its weight,now spinning around billions of people and maintaining its balance.What sort of strong link holds almost nine planets through eons without holding back?Is it metal?A heavenly fabric?Mystical chains?

Man ate knowledge,now rampantly designing his own fixtures into the world.Serious architectural designs.But from what?discoveries of the guy who dug into the ground and practiced with copper until he learnt it could conduct electricity deserve modern public merits.What about that who came about processes of electromagnetic induction,he introduced darkness from light but under minute instances as compared from the the heavenly guides of stars,moon and sun.

gods from gods and yet this controversy,who do we imagine holding that torch above our heads?

nairobi cty

Above,an example of what our inventions have led to.This still added to a tally of almost billions of people inhabiting the earth,causes no redirection of the earth.Impact and still solid we survive.


Who designed this witty paths?of course us,I no longer comprehend what I am walking upon.This webbed passages that I trend upon.The above picture is just a non-developed segment of what the earth looks like,just imagine all the other places hid beneath the tunnels.I mean,humans now possess that god-like attitude,but would they manifest themselves in all the mysterious aspects that spread above nature?

All that I live for,All that I have set my eyes on,all that to me remains a concealed phenomenon,All that I would want to lay in my sleep knowing.The Characteristics that rise above our pondering gift.


exactly the kind of things that stream across my mind every time my silence gets the better part of me.If you never get to ask yourself questions about the beauty of what sieges your surroundings,then you really were never meant for your eyes.Some places I would wanna step a foot on but how vast the world is remains a limiting factor.But not a discouragement,I will one day spread my wings and fly,far across the boarder and into every other city.

How anyone would create musical rhythms from known and unknown aspects of nature and make the moment a goosebumps analogy still remains to me the most epic signatures of life.I would respect anyone,and better yet follow that who teaches me to understand that which I don’t understand about my surroundings.

Spare my soul,let me live with those whose eyes are bleeding and those whose senses are barely respondent.Make me a tool so I could fasten what you designed.



Every time I would wonder why It would cost me a lot of time,money and energy to prepare for an interview that I had been invited to days prior.I would write and rewrite,cite and recite,search and research till I thought I was satisfied with my knowledge about the field of interest.I would dig into my savings and slice a substantial proportion of it just to get me that expensive suit and that shiny watch.This happened obliviously until I one day came to why.

My friend has an Interview with an engineering agency in a few days time and had to gather us up for some of the tips to make him head over the others.Well,I am a psychology undergraduate student and didn’t seem interested in some of the areas that flew out of the proportions of my space of profession.So in that meeting all I had to do was give emotional mends,and bridge the lad together so he may not lose himself along his anxiety.His other friends merely gave worthwhile pointers,but they seem to work pretty well to the encouragement of him.

I was born in a society where to look alluring,a set of physical changes must confer.A simple haircut,smartly dressed with preferences of suits to dictate stature,unblemished skin tone.I once got a scar from a broken glass when I was as early a teenager,I was so scared cause I thought I would never get a job when I am older.My mother made me believe so,she protested against tattoos and would scold me for coming home with gross scars.Then now I understand It is all in my mind,all the knowledge required to transmogrify the world.I learnt a little about Socrates,History tells that he had deformed body features,and cared less about physical appeal and dress code.His mind,he was among the greatest philosophers to have ever lived.He was the inception of a reincarnated Athens.

I am a well dressed young man,cause I came to understand the relationship between the mind and the physical body,a connected phenomena.

The reason why I spent almost half of my savings preparing for an interview,and sleepless nights quoting famous philosophical sayings,was because I was seeking external love from an audience I didn’t know of.I imagined an approval of my dress code and my mastery of sophisticated sayings,I imagined the smile on the face of my interviewers as I came through with my scented cologne and an equal bravado,a stretched smile and a calm patience.

What If I do not appeal to them?what If my style is not what they really are looking for?What If others are allergic to the sharpness of my cologne?What If my suit was frayed on the groin area and barely had time to notice?

Well,with all these questions,I choose to be myself.Cause with myself,I am assured that nothing can go wrong,and if anything goes wrong,It would then be inherent of me.With myself I feel comfortable,and with the slightest change of my personality,My name feels uneasy.



Soil to man is the innocence of a child.Garden of Eden,the cradle of existence.Survival,inception of deficiency,beginning of all ails and bitterness,the madness of man.Pollution of everything that exists,the change of default settings.

Civilization after the other,man used his observation power to level his skills with all that exists within and beyond.Used other animals and plants to satisfy his happiness and survival.He was cursed under diseases and death,he developed a necessity to fight against all these.He studied the ways of the lion,the strength of the elephants,the social existence of ants,the agility of a snow leopard and used these discoveries to rise above death towards optimum survival.

This wasn’t enough,Man fell in love.Man felt the urge to have the best,so he schemed ways to be the best.He observed the beauty of the flamingos,the pride of the peacock,the camouflage of the chameleon,the integration of bees and how winsome kittens really are.With these he stood firm inside the competition storm.

Man felt threatened,he was oppressed a couple more times than the first.He thus desired the need to find new defensive tactics.He observed nature,Isaac Newton witnessed an apple fall from a tree,he discovered force of gravity.Objects that appear far from gravity,attract towards the center of gravity with an accelerated speed.Man designed cannon guns,civilizations were torn apart.

Man consolidated all these concepts together,It was no longer an aspect of survival,man desired to be better than anyone of his species.Greed!man was slowly evolving into something he wasn’t designed from,Satisfaction.God made us with utmost satisfaction,he said his creation was good.Man had an unquenchable thirst for power,the beginning of madness and all aberration.



I want a black Mercedes or even a golden one.I kept telling myself every time I switched from my active lectures into my next promising fantasy.Today,my story hasn’t been so much a success to afford one,but I settled for a sort of a handsome Allion sedan since I realized the applications of a car pretty much later in my life,and the model of one determined less about covering the distance between points.My car has constantly been receiving multiple color upgrades sporadically.I am a man of many colors and sometimes I opt new few for a change.Now It is blue,and I am thinking red next year.

Human beings are insatiate,you can never quench their desires.Human beings don’t settle for something,they seek propitiation in variety.They love a dwarfed colorful marble jug and at the same time want to own an old dusty vintage jug.Human beings break down the importance of something the moment they fail to strike higher limits of their desires,and with this they end up settling for something less serious and they start realizing how much importantly it serves them.

I have my set of principles,and one that assumes the motto is appreciating every little thing that I have.It’s absurd if I walk into a surgery room and request for another pair of arms attached to my ribs so I could have a better defense mechanism ahead of the others.I believe that I work perfectly fine just the way I am,and any physical addition to who I am would cost me my body performance.