I want a black Mercedes or even a golden one.I kept telling myself every time I switched from my active lectures into my next promising fantasy.Today,my story hasn’t been so much a success to afford one,but I settled for a sort of a handsome Allion sedan since I realized the applications of a car pretty much later in my life,and the model of one determined less about covering the distance between points.My car has constantly been receiving multiple color upgrades sporadically.I am a man of many colors and sometimes I opt new few for a change.Now It is blue,and I am thinking red next year.

Human beings are insatiate,you can never quench their desires.Human beings don’t settle for something,they seek propitiation in variety.They love a dwarfed colorful marble jug and at the same time want to own an old dusty vintage jug.Human beings break down the importance of something the moment they fail to strike higher limits of their desires,and with this they end up settling for something less serious and they start realizing how much importantly it serves them.

I have my set of principles,and one that assumes the motto is appreciating every little thing that I have.It’s absurd if I walk into a surgery room and request for another pair of arms attached to my ribs so I could have a better defense mechanism ahead of the others.I believe that I work perfectly fine just the way I am,and any physical addition to who I am would cost me my body performance.



      1. Depends on the career. Some people have done enough that they get a book contract. Some are happy with a few cents here and there on advertising.
        It’s not at all why I do it, it’s for my own sanity!

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      2. I thought now that I take psychology and social work,I could use this as a platform to reach millions,that is actually one of the reasons I began blogging.Now I know that I can shell out my dreams.Nice knowing you Heretherebespiders


      3. I’m not sure what you mean by shell out your dreams? If that is what you want, then you have to make a name for yourself. I’m not an expert on that side of blogging but there are lots of sites that are full of useful information on how to reach a lot of people. I just like to write and talk to people, I’m very small.

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