Unstop the whole world!unstop the whole world,from turning into a monster,eating us alive..Cut music,On set,and go!

I have had enough already,human kind seem not to understand!I am just a guy who tries to get my other end in life,well they seem alienated to what surrounds them.Crippled and destroyed inside,these hurricanes never seem to clear off and give the sun some active time to spread right above our heads.We are aware but afraid that time is sparking out.How am I less human when my bones surface out prominently than yours?My blood runs in my veins with a distinctive pressure that I could hear my heart beating so fast,so fast are you all quick to judge.

I was born,I was told.I was aware of how much the world graded my type,I resented and fought with myself.How many times I wanted to kill my self are as many as the world turned a cold hand.What If I don’t want you to feed me,or part of your financial help.What If I only need a hand that joins mine to make across that river that I dread,a friend who can tell me stories,I don’t know warmth,but I would gladly appreciate that who will describe its nature till I can ignite my own fire.

How do you laugh,how do people smile?I stretch my lips and all they can do is get amazed .I am Hiv positive,and this to the world means a human virus,an enemy of the state.I believe if it were during those times of golden age Greece,we would be locked the same room as leppers,stoned and persecuted for the sins of only being human.

At school you can find me at the corner of every room,heavily covered to the brim of my eyes,I am a mutant and they are afraid I could generate some sort of epidemic fluid through the pores of my skin,or through the breath of my lungs.Some even hope to have me casted in on full episodes of supernatural series with the winchesters slaying my demonic head off.But I smile,now that the wise think that what you can’t fight you shake off.

I am beautiful,and now that I came to understand that all that they see is closely present to my eyesight,I fear not,I wasn’t sure if I were human,now I know.I will live,and If I die,I will knowing that the world is a changing as it spins.Stay with me,be with me!

(A story about a friend who has world class views of a changing world.He imagines the difference between hypocrisy and true love,he wishes to get as much love as he portrays.”The world surely changes as much as it spins”)



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