I shot my first web through onto KICC tower where I swang my way to follow something that resembled a leprechaun,This thing was fast but I managed to maintain my pace and with the gift of my reflexes,I maneuvered my way through tiny spaces.My mask fit perfectly well,my costume was way cooler than I ever Imagined.But I can’t appreciate my designer cause I cant even happen to remember how I got my spiderman suit on.”I am losing grip,NO!doggone!”I could feel myself free falling,I was out of web…I open my eyes to find myself beneath the chamber of my bed,next to stuffed suitcases from when I was in high school. The leprechaun got away,I lost.

A dream is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.Dreams are projections of thoughts formed from solid grounds of audio-visual sensations which were earlier perceived and stored in our memory banks both consciously and unconsciously.

Why audio-visual recordings only?we only have five senses of which two,taste and smell are exclusively practical.Have you ever woke up in the morning to remember about a wedding party that was hosted in your dreams and you girlfriend Katey got you busy with a piece of tasteless cake and a glass of liquor which you weren’t sure it was but because it was served from a bottle of whisky and it really got you inebriated and turnt up through the rest of the occasion.You remember singing along to the maroon five band?

In our dreams we also respond to a false sense of touch.This happens as result of accessing a memory that is fully detailed with a set of causation,reaction and emotional responses related to certain situations.You get burnt with a flame from your lighter while trying to fix yourself a quick lunch so you could hurry back to work since your boss is an inconsiderate,bureaucratic honcho.The pain triggers your emotions and you are suddenly raging across the house,probably woeful about you freedom and your rights.

In the evening later,you manage your operations as normal and you set off to bed,then suddenly you are in hell and a basilisk with your boss’ face is frying you up.The heat is unbearable you can feel him piercing through the side of your ribs with his pitchfork.You are pretty convinced that you are thinning away.And If there is anyone sleeping beside you,this is what they will hear.”Please,mercy!you don’t have to do this,I will do anything”.Pleading voices and negotiations.


  1. I think there is more to dreams than memories and sensations of day to day experiences. Sure, some of them are just that, but others are far more profound and for me, often spiritual in context. Interesting stuff. Do you dream journal ? I recommend it.

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  2. This is a fun post – I like the way you swing back and forth easily here between the dream state and real life, and you seem to have thought about the relationship between the two. Thanks for the follow, and best of luck with your writing…Kenya! That seems very far away to me. The internet is a great tool.

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    1. Thank you bluebrightly,Thanks for the motivation.
      I hope you make it to visit Kenya soon and explore your love for adventure.A disclaimer though,the lions out here remain ‘uncaged ‘.Best of wishes in all your endeavors.

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