imageThat day when all will resurrect and all the most outstanding figures of history will breathe to life,to me,I will let go of everything else and focus on two of the most prominent gifts of nature;wisdom vs knowledge.I would like to see an amazing combination of the wisest man to have ever lived(King Solomon) and the most philosophical element of the bible(Jesus) stand on one ground at the same epoch of time.

Human beings,created in different touches,have different tastes of knowledge build ups.What you know I don’t know and vice versa.A mad man may to us be an outcasted complexity of nature but to it,that’s just a theory we tend to bring up,extracted from wide laws governing sanity,laws created by man.

The knowledge of an insane man to us is unclear and that’s what brings out the indifference and bias.He knows what it feels to walk out in the streets everyday collecting litter and God knows where they take them.He laughs at things we find mysteriously nonexistent,but that,that is his joy.He laughs and grows fat despite the fact that he might lay his head on a heap of litter he strived to complile during the day(now I understand the litter is used to build homes).

They get mistreated in the most bizarre ways possible;rapes,physical abuse,segregation,misjudgment,impregnated and as if not enough,contract sexual transmitted diseases.And what do they do?they wake up every other morning like the last laughing and cheering themselves up,they sing and dance to create scenes for us to enjoy and make judgements about,and they just don’t seem to care.If anyone has ever seen an organized clique of mad men,more of a power circle,should update my knowledge cause to me that’s like experiencing a double-moon evening.

They believe in solitude and lack the confidence to share their problems off their chests.what they do is laugh,It’s really their medicine.Most of the mad guys I have seen around are huge in body and expose a great deal of physical healthiness,what they eat,God knows.Stale food,dirty water or on rare happenings,blessings from the hand of a Samaritan.Do they cry?maybe if they do it in hidden isolation from the public.Have I witnessed one crying?never!

Do they have romantic escapades?to them that is an issue that is exclusively human.Do they care?do they have caring hearts?I have seen one with a baby that she walked around with every time tied to her back with a shawl.What she fed to keep it alive,also,God knows.

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