I don’t waste my time trying to off-shade the essence of politics.The saying that it is a dirty game remains to us an unconscious motive that we wish to drive out consciously.In fact,I don’t believe anyone who would stand on a podium before an audience of thousands of people advocating for change.I once saw a man present to dozens on a talent search program,under spoken word category,about impunity enjoyed by powerful people.He chose to use satire to bring out the evils of the society,but with keen listening,you would notice how much he lasted for power.

Water being tapped into a container with a hole on it,will jet out proportionally and simultaneously.And as every human has an affiliation to easier means to achieve success,anyone who doesn’t achieve the probable amount of power to attain cheap success might resent those who have stepped onto a higher pecking order.I am not about to advocate for anything,I am just not pleased by how people lead a double standard life;preach water and drink wine.

Humans,advocate for that which is good,They get a chance to exercise their demons and they blindly adhere to the opposite of what their conscious mind had been locked under.They then justify themselves,pulling out a ‘man is to error’ card to their convenience.No experience is important to any human until it serves a fraction of his time.So in a world where all hate and prejudice is on the rampant,we can never find a way to see how beautiful different is.I would dream to sit on the same bus as a white boy and have his dreams revealed to me and smile at how close our visions are intertwined.

I am not much in a world where they teach less and expect great,but what I have is a realization of how we have poisoned our governance,our control.I would wish that one day,everyone would prefer roses over bullets.Just a few of us to change the world,I believe that power is within me and beyond others who we can clearly rectify.

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