I would like to assume that I am daft and naive and that not much happening around me is of consciousness,but whoa!I can’t help but be amazed by the structural appearance of the universe and all that it holds.Not humans as per say,because I am in constant interaction with most of my own type and I really have had a lot to learn about them,I mean the frontiers that tear beyond us.The secrets past fantasies.

So I took a little time to write some of my research findings into exposure.And I will begin with the cosmological vessels,the planets.My research is not aimed at tapping what already is in  your knowledge,My research is aimed at opening our eyes to witness the beauty of the ‘ordinary’ existences.I have friends who seem less ambitious about  issues that revolve around bio discovery,So some tend to think that I am a little too boring when I am spread all over the sitting comfortably watching Nat-Geo Wild and would like me to loosen up for quick shots by the bar.They are bats of the day,blinded against the beauty that surrounds them.I wouldn’t wish to talk about my friends any further.

I personally love studying the movement of the moon around the earth,especially every full moon evening when I lie over the grassy backyard as I have a little connection with myself,Only did I come to realize later in a text that I read,that Jupiter has 67 of these amazing bodies.I would like to Imagine a person who has lived in Jupiter his whole life,he wouldn’t know the importance us earthlings have attached to the moon,he has got sixty seven of those.One moon fails to show up,the rest 66 moons back up the night.The moon fails to show up on earth and a romantic evening is possibly ruined.(The reason I did not talk about the stars)

The other day I realized my uncontrollable fear for ants,I sweat at the thought of ants.Not because they have bigger mandibles than I do,I could actually chew on a whole empire in a single mouthful. But because I realized that these insects have rather an unbreakable enthusiasm and a high spirited nature with well organized formations,speed,agility and a mastery of guerilla tactics.

Asterina gibosa,a sub-species of a starfish,not only grows with time,but also grows through different stages of sexes.A part of Its life is male and the other part is female.What a mystery,how that happens still makes me wanna meet God ask him a few questions and feel his majesty.


    1. Thank you JoAnna,there is much that is about to follow,tune in to my blog and when time comes,I hope to begin a YouTube channel where your subscription will be highly appreciated.


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