The winds are steadily blowing as if to tear the whole neighborhood apart so you could see the whole flight of birds scattering to a more thought safer shelter one after the other.My two year old nephew points up to the sky where miscellaneous makes of plastic bags swirl in circles creating what seems like alien hawks calculating the distance separating them from their prey.The gods from Olympus are about to commence this event but first they have to accompany the harmony of the spheres with the loud banging of their drums amid flashes of light that spread all across the dark grey horizon.You could feel like you miss the days when the sun used to scorch and torment,boiling the sweat on the scalps of our head.Nature today was evil and sick of the way we treated its organs,is nature vengeful?God said everything he created was good,where did evil slither its way into the world?There must be a rift surely joining two worlds where good and evil get a chance to interact.

To all my readers,brace yourselves as I finalize on my book which will at least help with ideas of a different perspective of how our world is beautiful.Drop your thoughts on the comment box as I am a young writer thirsty for guidance and support. Criticism and encouragement are both ways to help me achieve my maximum ability.