Bullshit at some point makes up for the definition of none sense but in elevated sense,not quite of what we might think bullshit has led,mainly to the development of brighter levels of sources of energy in the present industrialized reforms,in terms of biogas.What intellectual minds and necessity for increased energy supplies did was curtain all the uselessness in bullshit and extract essence in what we all thought was waste pile up.Brilliant!

Men and the society!from history reports,men were portrayed as the basic unit of any societal appearance with exaggerated thoughts of political supremacy.They also were in charge of economic responsibilities.This made gave them an unlimited power with an upper hand against other structures in the society.Women were constrained from exchanging political insights and engaging in economic control.Their potentials were blocked from further development of the society.

Women had their roles though,socially;they were tools of appeasement used by men to their satisfaction.They socially were ranked below hierachy.In most cases,they were used as sexual tools used to reward their heroes of war and ‘societal heads’ by making them complete in return of security which most women seem to be strongly attached to.So men pushed on with their duties effectively,dismissing the psychological states of women who were treated against their will into various barbaric actions.

21st Centuary huh!I would slap anyone who thinks that there hasn’t been recorded among us a global change.Women,no one thought they could be this aggressive and full of ambition.In the last decade,an American based artist Ne-yo released a hit song ‘miss independent’.He did this though cause he realized the growing stability among the female counterparts.But what is happening during this change is,the graph that plots the male ambition and vim towards success is quite on the flop.We might have another song ‘Mr.Independent’ released in the coming decades by a female music group.



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