And finally the evening was here,I put on to play a John legend album for I found my evening to be amazingly attractive.The clouds puffed together to array into a shape of something my mind related to as a heart,which lay side to the flaming orange sun that dipped into the pockets of the horizon.I whistled my way to the shelf where I grabbed a healthy brand of whisky and as I stood contemplating a position as to where I would relax the rest part of my evening,Julie stormed in bursting in tears.

Her girlfriend,had cheated on her with a high school sweetheart(a guy named John).Julie and Melissa had been in love for close to four years now,as far as I can remember but I never took the time to understand how Julie found love in the members of her own sex.So after a few drinks,Julie started unraveling the darks of her past which later on joined into small puzzle pieces of her life.I understood.

Being the rear most in a family of four kids,she learnt a lot from her two brothers who she was in the same age bracket with.Her elder sister was quite a unit on her own as she was now employed in a firm across the street where she afforded an apartment so as to close in on her job.Julie having spent most time with her brothers,cut herself a role in most of their games,which with her innocence,she didn’t seem to quite judge.She would climb onto trees like a leopard,go for bird hunting with slings around her neck like a little Spartan.She joined the ‘pack’.

She started realizing her girl counterparts making clear divisions of their relationships with her,they zeroed in on her rough tendencies,they even noted one thing that Julie hadn’t any time noticing;Julie’s mode of dressing was ‘boy’ influenced.But Julie didn’t seem to care for she was just having a fun time playing.

She joined primary school,first days were going on good.Not until it occurred to her that she wasn’t attractive to the members of the opposite sex,in fact,boys made her childhood life unbearable.she was punched,kicked,bit,scratched verbally abused..among many of the things that heated up hell.This abuse was accorded to her ‘boyish’ characteristics which by then began manifesting in her physical attributes,to make it even more complete she designed herself a bald trademark.

Having received a sour taste of treatment,she deviced methods to enable her survival and she chose those used by her brothers,since they worked pretty well.She chose to be a fighter,she fought back,she wrecked havoc.She drew her lines,she made herself clear about hurting anyone that would make across.

As she slowly grew up,she started realizing that she was different from the rest of the girls.She reached puberty and yet not much was showing up to prove that she was really a girl,she watched other curvy girls in the wash rooms and smiled her shame away.She sat on the pavement that leads to the exit of their school as she remembered all the mean things said about her.She became even more aggressive.She remembers a time she knocked a tooth out of her deskmate,a boy,who called her a straight figured  chimp.

She started spending her time with girls oftenly and loved being in their circle as she realized that girls were less mean and had a heart that loves.This love,is what she was longing for.A person who understands her,a person who would appreciate her for being her.A growing hatred towards boys took the best of her.She made an executive decision to love and appreciate herself,she made her flaws her strengths.And in high school she met Melissa..

I interrupted her story abit to ask if she wanted her glass refilled,there is surely a lot I could learn from this side of her story,but she forced a stop to the story,claiming that the past bores a fresh hole in her heart,so we passed on to other trivial issues circling us.

(Story is purely a figment of Imagination,names don’t match the situations plotted.Based on observation and mixed up testimonies from random figures of the society)


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