Every time I would wonder why It would cost me a lot of time,money and energy to prepare for an interview that I had been invited to days prior.I would write and rewrite,cite and recite,search and research till I thought I was satisfied with my knowledge about the field of interest.I would dig into my savings and slice a substantial proportion of it just to get me that expensive suit and that shiny watch.This happened obliviously until I one day came to why.

My friend has an Interview with an engineering agency in a few days time and had to gather us up for some of the tips to make him head over the others.Well,I am a psychology undergraduate student and didn’t seem interested in some of the areas that flew out of the proportions of my space of profession.So in that meeting all I had to do was give emotional mends,and bridge the lad together so he may not lose himself along his anxiety.His other friends merely gave worthwhile pointers,but they seem to work pretty well to the encouragement of him.

I was born in a society where to look alluring,a set of physical changes must confer.A simple haircut,smartly dressed with preferences of suits to dictate stature,unblemished skin tone.I once got a scar from a broken glass when I was as early a teenager,I was so scared cause I thought I would never get a job when I am older.My mother made me believe so,she protested against tattoos and would scold me for coming home with gross scars.Then now I understand It is all in my mind,all the knowledge required to transmogrify the world.I learnt a little about Socrates,History tells that he had deformed body features,and cared less about physical appeal and dress code.His mind,he was among the greatest philosophers to have ever lived.He was the inception of a reincarnated Athens.

I am a well dressed young man,cause I came to understand the relationship between the mind and the physical body,a connected phenomena.

The reason why I spent almost half of my savings preparing for an interview,and sleepless nights quoting famous philosophical sayings,was because I was seeking external love from an audience I didn’t know of.I imagined an approval of my dress code and my mastery of sophisticated sayings,I imagined the smile on the face of my interviewers as I came through with my scented cologne and an equal bravado,a stretched smile and a calm patience.

What If I do not appeal to them?what If my style is not what they really are looking for?What If others are allergic to the sharpness of my cologne?What If my suit was frayed on the groin area and barely had time to notice?

Well,with all these questions,I choose to be myself.Cause with myself,I am assured that nothing can go wrong,and if anything goes wrong,It would then be inherent of me.With myself I feel comfortable,and with the slightest change of my personality,My name feels uneasy.

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