The rusty coin from the illustration above predicts a lot that has or is happening in our  diurnal rhythms.You may notice the one thousand note at first then after a delayed scrutiny,end up noticing the twenty shilling coin,Then the one shilling coin.I may not be trying to bring out an issue of greed here,I am trying to explain an inherent design of man.I am trying to back up the issue of difference threshold.

Difference threshold is the point at which can tell a difference between stimuli.Which comes after sensory adaptation.

Sensory adaptation is the process by which our senses adapt to an experience of constant stimulation.

Sensory adaptation happens before difference threshold and in this instance I will give an experimental clue about the stars.When you walk out the evening skies and get tempted to have a glimpse of the stars,what do you notice first?of course,it should be the brightest star you see,which you spend a lot of time staring at to admire its magnificence just before you neck twist to notice the rest of the clusters of the stars.

Back to the illustration and back to my essence of topic.The rusty one shilling coin misplaced from the company of the rest of the currencies,happens to be the most important unit.It is the building block of the rest of the currencies.It is called a shilling,a thousand of those form a much larger currency which blinds our interests as appearing in printed papers.Moral story suggests that to make a thousand,you first have to make one.You can never start midway.Even those earning millions a month,are being paid for their  time per unit shilling.Time is money they said,the more you use it,the more shillings you get,the more they accumulate into notes in shillings.

If you find value in the smallest things that people take for granted,the more your chances of having a head over them.Shift your difference threshold to the basic cornerstones of formations and you will have that which many find attractive.



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