I will not bow,I will shield from every arrow cast from a bow to destroy what I am up against,what we are all up against rather.But this reminds me that in every fight,there exists two or more parties,which side you lay on determines the effort of your vigilance,your vim and enthusiasm to break a stalemate.I am not speaking a physical war,I am aimed more for the spiritual form than what the body strains us to do,cause the body is weight,and all which that gathers weight,slugs.

I adhere to the state commands,I believe in what man has come up with to administer a higher grade of change,it is appeasingly commendable,but that is just a replica of what we obviously see.I thought of how one day,man would respect the course of spiritual upgrade and stop worrying so much about material pride.The soul is tender,weight-free,any imbalance on it would cause a physical tumble.The soul controls the body,what you do with it,the effect focuses directly on your physical form.

Think of all those who have billions in their account and yet lack the power to strike a balance between their souls and bodies,they end up in progressive turmoils.The body also has a directly proportional relationship with the soul,how you treat yout body,reflects how your soul will turn out.

Thats why they do yoga,they do physical poses with an aim to reach the soul,thus spiritual fitness.That inner piece has transformed the life of monks in china,whose lives solely are aimed towards saving the environment.There is nothing better and cherful than making a healthy correlation with the environment through learning,social integration and appreciating nature.Thats why everytime my moods brighten up after nature walks,visiting social institutions and most importantly the church,through this a sort of spiritual transformation has been engaged,and once this happens,baptism is much less a change than this.

They say baptism is a process of getting a spiritual reboot.Well,if you take a 2 year old to a baptism initiation and he is unaware of what is about to transpire after the process,he might relate all this to swimming,he has not found himself yet.I saw a fourty two year old get baptised,he reached a point where he felt the need to control the magnitude of his life,he made introspections,he came to a resolution of what he desires internally.This is a true transformation based on choice and self-guidance.

I got baptised at the age of three,and my parents gave no advice on what I was supposed to do after,they simply told me that I was being born again.They expected change to occur simultaneously since they held on to their religious dogmas submissively.I grew up to be no less than the next man until I found it within myself to execute changes that now guide me.A spiritual journey begins with oneself everything else is remains guidance from those who have successfully attained spiritual progress.

Baptism remains to me a symbol of change.And with all symbols,you must interpret to find the true meaning.Find your meaning and the road will be less dramatic.


  1. My daughter chose to be Baptized when she was 12. I think it was a very conscious choice. My son has never made that choice. Interesting that you bring up Baptism and the initiation of change. Nice post. Thank you.

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