Step on a Snake and get rattled,Put your hand on a flaming object and prepare to get toasted,Slap a well trained ninja,and the consequences will result to a persistent vegetative state.Drink water,get quenched.

I very much like staying within the covers of natural order when trying to elaborate social tendencies.Well,I yesterday watched the rain as it vigorously hit the ground to cause a heavy puffing of dust from the ground.This in physics is how we understood the law that states that,in ever action,lies an equal and opposite reaction.

Lets begin with infancy,a toddler is a fine example of an animal(they lack knowledge)as we tend to distinguish human beings by rationality.Rational by definition is an act based on or in accordance with reason or logic.Argue with a fool and nobody will notice the difference,argue with a toddler and…A fool is a grownup who acts unwisely with minimum knowledge resulting from failure to put things together into knowledge.A toddler on the other hand is a baby trying to put things together into its knowledge.(So when someone tells you that you act like a baby,they mean that you need to upgrade your ‘knowledge depot’)

Difference between a fool and a toddler is,the latter is more susceptible to knowledge that the former.If a three year old can associate darkness with thieves and a forty seven year old can’t tell the difference between if his phone got lost because he was walking down the alley past midnight or of that he was unable to tackle his attackers.

A toddler’s view of the world is blurry as it has no clue of the world around it.When it raises its hand,to it the whole world is moving,when people are engaged in conversations about their trivial affairs,It seems not to pick up notes on what is trending.To it,the world makes no sense.

Later on during its maturation,it comes to learn mainly by association.It understands that when it lets out a shrill cry,attention is bought or most importantly It gets fed.These manipulative attention seeking midgets slowly start embracing the thought of their ego boundaries.

As the baby grows,and knows how to put stray concepts together to form sensible statements,the parent comes in as a guide to sink it into the cultural survivals.During its earlier stages,a parent(mostly African)tends to believe in the use of whips to conform the child into an understanding of wrong and right(which about most times is misinterpreted).A child and I said is no less than a donkey that is strayed on a bushy path trying to figure its way home and has to instead get whipped to turn left as instructed.A child when whipped learns to associate a certain event to pain and unlike animals,it records this learning.

It is by associative learning that a child knows how to act and react.When a child cries after a progressive ass whooping and that act proves to buy mercy,then it adapts the iniaitative as a defensive technique against its stronger rivals;The same child would fight his weaker counterparts as a defensive act used by his father to suppress offension.

Make a clay pot it,will slide and break,make a rubber ball and it will bounce back.Talk to your child and It will learn how to debate through Its problems,teach it how to fold a feast and the whole world is out there waiting for It.


You ever wake from your bed and everything is in routine just as the previous day,the sun shining,a soft blow of the wind,chirping birds,a healthy leafy environment?you smiled?you prayed?Then gave a thought that Jesus said he would be back and you sighed in relief for not experiencing any of the moments depicted in the book of revelation?Food for thought.

I used one of my blogs ‘DO GIRLS TEND TO FORM THEIR EGO BOUNDARIES FASTER THAN BOYS?’ to bring out the trending differences in boys and girls in their initial stages of development,in this blog I will unearth the formation of ego boundaries with an aim to help us tap our potential,’our sleeping beasts’.

I visited a grocery store just across an estate from where I live and happened to interact with the store owner who was in constant emotional ambush caused by the low sales she makes associated with allegations that she is rude,cold and in failure to maintain a good rapport with her customer.She acclaims this antisocial reflexes to her  dark childhood experiences,she adds that she is in no position to trust anybody as her own parents were untrustworthy.She responds to this feelings of mistrust by having uncontrolled raging sprees whenever confronted by someone who she thinks of as,by her childhood dictionary,’untrustworthy’.

We all have innate power that we progressively acknowledge as we speed up with time.We get to understand what we can and can’t do,we define our limits.This limits are our boundaries,and the knowledge of our capabilities,since they are known to our ego,are the ego boundaries.So essentially ego boundaries is the knowledge of our  potential.

The lady in the above illustration sticks to her knowledge that if she reacts by raging,she would feel better.Cause for one,it’s a method she has been using for a long time now and it’s been working pretty well.It is her power,just as superman is to laser vision.

In other news,ego is the person we are,ego is me,ego is the name that people refer you to as.The reason why I said name is because,ego is built of your past,they are the thoughts feelings experiences that have moulded you since your birth hitherto.For example if anyone asks you what your name is,you tell them without stuttering,cause that’s  you,that what you have always been and always will be.A name is a representation of ‘I’.I wouldn’t want to imagine a world full of people named ‘I’.therefore,ego is denoted by the letter ‘I’.

John Locke,a British philosopher,pointed out that,a born child exists in the world without knowledge.So this implies that the material responsible for the formation of our ego solely depends on our surroundings through experience and learning.This suggests that a 5 year old child is a compilation of parental and societal personalities alongside experiences its exposed to(reasons why disclaimer alerts precede television broadcasts).

Catch me on in the next blog as we cover how we limit ourselves and fail to burst our potential.


An attempt to mix water and white phosphorus may lead to an explosive reaction.Phosphorus in its pure form of white phosphorus is harmful to us as its exposure to us while burning may result to liver,kidney or heart problems.But its emissions in the air is controlled by constituents of oxygen in the air that mitigate its destructive nature.

Plants on the other hand require phosphorus to display healthy outcomes which is traceable in agricultural fertilizers.

Point is,the similarity we share with plants is that we live,we do anything to ensure survival,difference is,our methods of survival are quite different.what makes plants thrive to us might be poison and somewhat the things that puts us on a hierachy to them might be uncalled for.

Nature has the best teachings that we might want to understand so that we can live upto our allegations of being rational creations.

What if I told you that we are not defined by species but we are different in our own ways of adapting to our direct environments?What you might probably do to make yourself feel better to me might be deviation.For example a well distinguished culture among the karamajong or the Dinka and the Mursi people within the African settings encourage partial or absolute nakedness for the sake of their traditional performances.Well,any civilized community would regard this culture to as barbaric.It is deviation to us,to them it is the beauty of cultural diversity.

Maasai Morans are initiated into adulthood by a custom that requires one to fight a lion and kill it;now that’s bravery which to most of us might think of as unnecessary and unfriendly to the ecological cycle as we understand the roles of lions in the system.Thats how they roll,a large herd of domestic animals to them is pride,a family with the most number of wives to them is wealth;The issue of having fleeting cars,and  stuffed shopping inside cabinets by the kitchen wall to them is just luxury they don’t strive after.Education,to them isn’t as important as to the wisdom and knowledge they gathered from their ancient forefathers;the ways of their culture.White collar jobs or blue collar jobs?They just don’t give a whit about a currency that they don’t use,they wake up every morning to ravage their neighboring communities for cattle or   establish trading relationships which are based on barter trade.

Who said that they needed building blocks for their houses?house building is a communal thing with no rewards attached to the end.It is solemnly an activity that is determined by gender roles.They use cattle dung for walls and thatched grass for roofings.You might think that they require electricity,NO! They bless their gods who provide moonlight.

Point is we are different and we all have burning flames that light for something,we have different ways of approaching the world;but tendencies are we get ashamed or too afraid to do that which we think is right.That which is spoken by our guts.We follow in the steps of what we ought not to believe.We blow out our flames and opt to live in the dark.


Having had secondary education,it is basic to us how the brain works and how the mind processes datum into fine information.We first get sensations which is the bottom-up process by which we receive stimuli through our sensory organs to our brain.After receiving it,the mind plays an important role of perceiving this stimulation.Perceiving is the top-down process by which our brains interpret and store sensory input.

The mind is an amazing masterpiece in all dimensions of how it performs complex duties.Many people fail to recognize the complexities joint with the functioning of the human body;a phenomena that has taken much of our research energy trying to fathom.

The mind is a piece that is not prone to mistakes.Once it has registered information,you can be sure of the validity.So this is where information gets misinterpreted,in the registering of data.This is where information gets distorted;the perceptive stage.

This is how the process is staged,first you sense your surroundings(both internal and external environments),then your brain stores this data in your standard memory banks(a dianetic term),this may include storage of judgements that may come along with interpretation.The second time you sense the same or a similar situation,the memory bank is restimulated and a file containing all the data from the first situation is retrieved and an association is merged between the first and the second Circumstances.

Imagine a situation when you feed on pizza that has a consistent lining of algae along its edges but the brushes are not prominent for your eyes so that hours later you contract food poisoning and you fall so ill when you think of pizza you throw up.Your perceptive walls against pizza are so highly built,your reactive mind associates pizza to stomach aches and nausea,which is quite wrong because bacteria was responsible for your predicament.So the next time your friends invite you over for a pizza hangout you decide to pass over a thought that you might be allergic to pizza.

Most of the time,we learn through associative learning.We tend to group things together to form concepts,which form the basis for our arguments and comprehension.This concepts in turn tend to form basis for biases,phobias,prejudice,idolization which further extend to even more catastrophic imbalances in the society to include tribalism,racism,gender inequality and what not.

I would like to imagine a situation between a dichromatic visualized and a trichromatic visualized person.To whom is the world more real?the former has arguments about how real his world is in comparison to the latter who speaks otherwise.who is more abberated?We all might have heard that humans don’t see in full spectrum of colors.What does full spectrum mean if no one has ever attained the optimum visual power?





If wishes were horses,everyone would be riding.Whats better than having a an equal representation of ponies?But yet again,how is it like to have our city streets choc a block with horses?Any person wouldn’t know the feeling associated with losing a horse if all you had to do was wish for another?

With enough said,I would like to take you into Eden city where the first human creations thrived in unlimited resources amid competition from no other existing life forces as they shared directly from God’s approval and the benefit of an upper hand against all other life forms.

“Dad,can I have a bicycle for my birthday?” This is a question from a nine year old to his father.We all had or still do have our lists prepared on the advent of  any life marking with fingers crossed that we could have anything our thoughts had an affiliation to.With further scrutiny,this are questions or requests that pose an entire compilation of wishful thoughts.They are dictated by the part of our brains that record  and store information.We desire what we have seen,and we see first what we don’t know.And we aspire to have that which we also don’t know.A 5 year old child wishes for a bicycle and yet it doesn’t know how to cycle.A 16 year old girl wishes to have a nice paying job,with a big family and fleeting cars,yet she doesn’t even know how to take care of herself.You wish to seek the kingdom of heaven when all you have is faith.

A wish by my definition is a thoughtful process that connects us to our world of fantasies.I would like to imagine the case scenario of communication between God and the first human creations.It was direct.If Adam wanted to have a pet dinosaur tamed by God’s command to fly him around,he didn’t have to go on his knees and close his eyes formally for prayer.They had the coolest father to children relationship.

But with plenty supply of anything,comes misuse.Plenty of freedom caused disobedience.A pledge was broken,trust was breached.God’s anger ensued,survival erupted.Man was open to thorny experiences;that was the welcoming of diseases,struggle,abberation,sacrifice and thus death.

“his enjoyments and employments are imbittered to him.labour is our duty,which we must faithfully perform;it is part of man’s sentence,which idleness daringly defies.”

Man was switched from a fairy world into the next reality.A world where to have his wishes satisfied,he had to know the value of soil.You don’t believe me?here is a conversation between a father and his son.

Son:Dad can I have a bicycle for my birthday?

Father:yes,If you happen to improve on your grades,then I would let you cycle out with the rest of your peers.

Survival is an object or practice that has continued to exist from an earlier time.So essentially,human beings are survivals and so is the curse of man.


A sample of boys and girls playing together will reveal to you how much kids adapt faster to reality.A girl child would most of the time prefer to play alongside its baby doll and have dedicated time petting it ,feeding it,clothing it,washing it and drying it up.This is as a reflection of what the mother would do to a baby.The baby is in touch with reality and has already learnt the cycle of what a mother goes through to nurture a baby.These might also include inviting her friends over for phoney tea parties with participants all dolled up with make up and cologne carrying with them hand purses with the intention of discussing how better they would raise their doll kids.

A boy child in the same scenario would assume the role of a Chinese Samurai with a plastic sword tied within around the waist of his trousers marching to and fro waiting for a giant alien to hang loose by the kitchen wall so he could slice it;to make it seem even more authentic,he would call upon his friend to act as an active alien who would repeat the process of dying and reincarnating from the sword stabs.The game never has quite a good ending.

The differences seem to linger even in the selection of toys.A girl child would move on to select a barbie doll that she would even buy for a set of hair accessories,shoes,colognes that they would share as the feeling she has for the doll is maternal.She becomes emotionally attached to the extent she would wish for a talking doll.She even knits new clothes for it and dresses it.What the child doesn’t know is that she is progressively embracing a mother figure she would soon become.This explains the soft touch and the emotional break downs among ladies.when a part of a doll breaks,she would cry in pain as if its own child has been broken.

A boy child would walk into a toy store with a green lantern action figure at the back of his mind.He decides to choose yet another superman action figure and God knows the level of activity  to be gauged that evening in the house.He assumes both the roles of his characters and puts them into a series of never ending matches.With progressive play,an intentional disfiguring of the action figures takes place to represent a move he had seen on DC comic TV series.No emotional attachment,if anything,he requests for another action figure as a replacement for the maimed ones.

A girl chooses a doll,and if it comes to a liking of two,she takes them for the company of each other,she would like the two dolls to watch over each other when she is away for school.The world of reality is more conscious to the girl child than to the boy child.The boy child fails to come into terms with the limits of their powers.They still think they can fly like superman,they still think they can control the television set with the blink of their eyes like a creep they saw on x-men.They believe in mutation.Their constant touch to their world of fantasies in which the possibility of omnipotence still exists.


Human beings as it is from a focal view of evolution originated from finer forms of lives to progressive complexities.Throughout the stages the transformations were marked by a rather stringent phenomenon of survival,which heretofore binds all life forms.This basic subject of survival has enabled man to understand the most outstanding qualities of nature under the pressure of existence.
Survival in itself is the ultimate motive that gears universal existence at large,cause looking at it,the star wouldn’t shine any brighter if it didn’t replenish its necessary amount of gases required;and hey,that reminds me of the symbiotic nature of the clouds and the water bodies or the trees and the clouds.trees drink up from the fine water drops of the clouds and the clouds get moist from the transpirational processes of the trees.What if one day the clouds decide to suck up on the moisture selfishly and deny the trees the chance to get soaked?The dependency cycle would be breached.automatically the trees would die out,the area covered by oceans would open us to more opportunities to exercise our never ending love for sports,which wouldnt include surfing and other water sports and we probably would miss sailing.whats more is that the clouds would soon clear off and yes we would surely die out of dramatic episodes of dehydration.
The imagery description I have created brings out a form of trust between two aspects of nature .Its much of a contract signed in mutual trust aspiring to result into a self sustaining natural order.a contract signed with flashes of lightning and raging tidal waves.
Trust is a commonly used term in most of our daily operations to mean what we don’t even know it stands for
By definition,trust is a confidence in or reliance on some person or quality.Trust is also dependence upon something in the future,which is also painted in another name of Hope.
Trust can be breached depending on the forms of dependencies that existed in time,it could be mild or acute forms of transgressions which could roll from the extremes of stealing candy to breaching international contracts;I don’t seem to differentiate from that which is more linient.
Now the person,organization or object involved with the breaking of these trust chains is well known as a trustbuster.