Step on a Snake and get rattled,Put your hand on a flaming object and prepare to get toasted,Slap a well trained ninja,and the consequences will result to a persistent vegetative state.Drink water,get quenched.

I very much like staying within the covers of natural order when trying to elaborate social tendencies.Well,I yesterday watched the rain as it vigorously hit the ground to cause a heavy puffing of dust from the ground.This in physics is how we understood the law that states that,in ever action,lies an equal and opposite reaction.

Lets begin with infancy,a toddler is a fine example of an animal(they lack knowledge)as we tend to distinguish human beings by rationality.Rational by definition is an act based on or in accordance with reason or logic.Argue with a fool and nobody will notice the difference,argue with a toddler and…A fool is a grownup who acts unwisely with minimum knowledge resulting from failure to put things together into knowledge.A toddler on the other hand is a baby trying to put things together into its knowledge.(So when someone tells you that you act like a baby,they mean that you need to upgrade your ‘knowledge depot’)

Difference between a fool and a toddler is,the latter is more susceptible to knowledge that the former.If a three year old can associate darkness with thieves and a forty seven year old can’t tell the difference between if his phone got lost because he was walking down the alley past midnight or of that he was unable to tackle his attackers.

A toddler’s view of the world is blurry as it has no clue of the world around it.When it raises its hand,to it the whole world is moving,when people are engaged in conversations about their trivial affairs,It seems not to pick up notes on what is trending.To it,the world makes no sense.

Later on during its maturation,it comes to learn mainly by association.It understands that when it lets out a shrill cry,attention is bought or most importantly It gets fed.These manipulative attention seeking midgets slowly start embracing the thought of their ego boundaries.

As the baby grows,and knows how to put stray concepts together to form sensible statements,the parent comes in as a guide to sink it into the cultural survivals.During its earlier stages,a parent(mostly African)tends to believe in the use of whips to conform the child into an understanding of wrong and right(which about most times is misinterpreted).A child and I said is no less than a donkey that is strayed on a bushy path trying to figure its way home and has to instead get whipped to turn left as instructed.A child when whipped learns to associate a certain event to pain and unlike animals,it records this learning.

It is by associative learning that a child knows how to act and react.When a child cries after a progressive ass whooping and that act proves to buy mercy,then it adapts the iniaitative as a defensive technique against its stronger rivals;The same child would fight his weaker counterparts as a defensive act used by his father to suppress offension.

Make a clay pot it,will slide and break,make a rubber ball and it will bounce back.Talk to your child and It will learn how to debate through Its problems,teach it how to fold a feast and the whole world is out there waiting for It.

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