You ever wake from your bed and everything is in routine just as the previous day,the sun shining,a soft blow of the wind,chirping birds,a healthy leafy environment?you smiled?you prayed?Then gave a thought that Jesus said he would be back and you sighed in relief for not experiencing any of the moments depicted in the book of revelation?Food for thought.

I used one of my blogs ‘DO GIRLS TEND TO FORM THEIR EGO BOUNDARIES FASTER THAN BOYS?’ to bring out the trending differences in boys and girls in their initial stages of development,in this blog I will unearth the formation of ego boundaries with an aim to help us tap our potential,’our sleeping beasts’.

I visited a grocery store just across an estate from where I live and happened to interact with the store owner who was in constant emotional ambush caused by the low sales she makes associated with allegations that she is rude,cold and in failure to maintain a good rapport with her customer.She acclaims this antisocial reflexes to her  dark childhood experiences,she adds that she is in no position to trust anybody as her own parents were untrustworthy.She responds to this feelings of mistrust by having uncontrolled raging sprees whenever confronted by someone who she thinks of as,by her childhood dictionary,’untrustworthy’.

We all have innate power that we progressively acknowledge as we speed up with time.We get to understand what we can and can’t do,we define our limits.This limits are our boundaries,and the knowledge of our capabilities,since they are known to our ego,are the ego boundaries.So essentially ego boundaries is the knowledge of our  potential.

The lady in the above illustration sticks to her knowledge that if she reacts by raging,she would feel better.Cause for one,it’s a method she has been using for a long time now and it’s been working pretty well.It is her power,just as superman is to laser vision.

In other news,ego is the person we are,ego is me,ego is the name that people refer you to as.The reason why I said name is because,ego is built of your past,they are the thoughts feelings experiences that have moulded you since your birth hitherto.For example if anyone asks you what your name is,you tell them without stuttering,cause that’s  you,that what you have always been and always will be.A name is a representation of ‘I’.I wouldn’t want to imagine a world full of people named ‘I’.therefore,ego is denoted by the letter ‘I’.

John Locke,a British philosopher,pointed out that,a born child exists in the world without knowledge.So this implies that the material responsible for the formation of our ego solely depends on our surroundings through experience and learning.This suggests that a 5 year old child is a compilation of parental and societal personalities alongside experiences its exposed to(reasons why disclaimer alerts precede television broadcasts).

Catch me on in the next blog as we cover how we limit ourselves and fail to burst our potential.

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