An attempt to mix water and white phosphorus may lead to an explosive reaction.Phosphorus in its pure form of white phosphorus is harmful to us as its exposure to us while burning may result to liver,kidney or heart problems.But its emissions in the air is controlled by constituents of oxygen in the air that mitigate its destructive nature.

Plants on the other hand require phosphorus to display healthy outcomes which is traceable in agricultural fertilizers.

Point is,the similarity we share with plants is that we live,we do anything to ensure survival,difference is,our methods of survival are quite different.what makes plants thrive to us might be poison and somewhat the things that puts us on a hierachy to them might be uncalled for.

Nature has the best teachings that we might want to understand so that we can live upto our allegations of being rational creations.

What if I told you that we are not defined by species but we are different in our own ways of adapting to our direct environments?What you might probably do to make yourself feel better to me might be deviation.For example a well distinguished culture among the karamajong or the Dinka and the Mursi people within the African settings encourage partial or absolute nakedness for the sake of their traditional performances.Well,any civilized community would regard this culture to as barbaric.It is deviation to us,to them it is the beauty of cultural diversity.

Maasai Morans are initiated into adulthood by a custom that requires one to fight a lion and kill it;now that’s bravery which to most of us might think of as unnecessary and unfriendly to the ecological cycle as we understand the roles of lions in the system.Thats how they roll,a large herd of domestic animals to them is pride,a family with the most number of wives to them is wealth;The issue of having fleeting cars,and  stuffed shopping inside cabinets by the kitchen wall to them is just luxury they don’t strive after.Education,to them isn’t as important as to the wisdom and knowledge they gathered from their ancient forefathers;the ways of their culture.White collar jobs or blue collar jobs?They just don’t give a whit about a currency that they don’t use,they wake up every morning to ravage their neighboring communities for cattle or   establish trading relationships which are based on barter trade.

Who said that they needed building blocks for their houses?house building is a communal thing with no rewards attached to the end.It is solemnly an activity that is determined by gender roles.They use cattle dung for walls and thatched grass for roofings.You might think that they require electricity,NO! They bless their gods who provide moonlight.

Point is we are different and we all have burning flames that light for something,we have different ways of approaching the world;but tendencies are we get ashamed or too afraid to do that which we think is right.That which is spoken by our guts.We follow in the steps of what we ought not to believe.We blow out our flames and opt to live in the dark.

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