Having had secondary education,it is basic to us how the brain works and how the mind processes datum into fine information.We first get sensations which is the bottom-up process by which we receive stimuli through our sensory organs to our brain.After receiving it,the mind plays an important role of perceiving this stimulation.Perceiving is the top-down process by which our brains interpret and store sensory input.

The mind is an amazing masterpiece in all dimensions of how it performs complex duties.Many people fail to recognize the complexities joint with the functioning of the human body;a phenomena that has taken much of our research energy trying to fathom.

The mind is a piece that is not prone to mistakes.Once it has registered information,you can be sure of the validity.So this is where information gets misinterpreted,in the registering of data.This is where information gets distorted;the perceptive stage.

This is how the process is staged,first you sense your surroundings(both internal and external environments),then your brain stores this data in your standard memory banks(a dianetic term),this may include storage of judgements that may come along with interpretation.The second time you sense the same or a similar situation,the memory bank is restimulated and a file containing all the data from the first situation is retrieved and an association is merged between the first and the second Circumstances.

Imagine a situation when you feed on pizza that has a consistent lining of algae along its edges but the brushes are not prominent for your eyes so that hours later you contract food poisoning and you fall so ill when you think of pizza you throw up.Your perceptive walls against pizza are so highly built,your reactive mind associates pizza to stomach aches and nausea,which is quite wrong because bacteria was responsible for your predicament.So the next time your friends invite you over for a pizza hangout you decide to pass over a thought that you might be allergic to pizza.

Most of the time,we learn through associative learning.We tend to group things together to form concepts,which form the basis for our arguments and comprehension.This concepts in turn tend to form basis for biases,phobias,prejudice,idolization which further extend to even more catastrophic imbalances in the society to include tribalism,racism,gender inequality and what not.

I would like to imagine a situation between a dichromatic visualized and a trichromatic visualized person.To whom is the world more real?the former has arguments about how real his world is in comparison to the latter who speaks otherwise.who is more abberated?We all might have heard that humans don’t see in full spectrum of colors.What does full spectrum mean if no one has ever attained the optimum visual power?




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