If wishes were horses,everyone would be riding.Whats better than having a an equal representation of ponies?But yet again,how is it like to have our city streets choc a block with horses?Any person wouldn’t know the feeling associated with losing a horse if all you had to do was wish for another?

With enough said,I would like to take you into Eden city where the first human creations thrived in unlimited resources amid competition from no other existing life forces as they shared directly from God’s approval and the benefit of an upper hand against all other life forms.

“Dad,can I have a bicycle for my birthday?” This is a question from a nine year old to his father.We all had or still do have our lists prepared on the advent of  any life marking with fingers crossed that we could have anything our thoughts had an affiliation to.With further scrutiny,this are questions or requests that pose an entire compilation of wishful thoughts.They are dictated by the part of our brains that record  and store information.We desire what we have seen,and we see first what we don’t know.And we aspire to have that which we also don’t know.A 5 year old child wishes for a bicycle and yet it doesn’t know how to cycle.A 16 year old girl wishes to have a nice paying job,with a big family and fleeting cars,yet she doesn’t even know how to take care of herself.You wish to seek the kingdom of heaven when all you have is faith.

A wish by my definition is a thoughtful process that connects us to our world of fantasies.I would like to imagine the case scenario of communication between God and the first human creations.It was direct.If Adam wanted to have a pet dinosaur tamed by God’s command to fly him around,he didn’t have to go on his knees and close his eyes formally for prayer.They had the coolest father to children relationship.

But with plenty supply of anything,comes misuse.Plenty of freedom caused disobedience.A pledge was broken,trust was breached.God’s anger ensued,survival erupted.Man was open to thorny experiences;that was the welcoming of diseases,struggle,abberation,sacrifice and thus death.

“his enjoyments and employments are imbittered to him.labour is our duty,which we must faithfully perform;it is part of man’s sentence,which idleness daringly defies.”

Man was switched from a fairy world into the next reality.A world where to have his wishes satisfied,he had to know the value of soil.You don’t believe me?here is a conversation between a father and his son.

Son:Dad can I have a bicycle for my birthday?

Father:yes,If you happen to improve on your grades,then I would let you cycle out with the rest of your peers.

Survival is an object or practice that has continued to exist from an earlier time.So essentially,human beings are survivals and so is the curse of man.

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