Human beings as it is from a focal view of evolution originated from finer forms of lives to progressive complexities.Throughout the stages the transformations were marked by a rather stringent phenomenon of survival,which heretofore binds all life forms.This basic subject of survival has enabled man to understand the most outstanding qualities of nature under the pressure of existence.
Survival in itself is the ultimate motive that gears universal existence at large,cause looking at it,the star wouldn’t shine any brighter if it didn’t replenish its necessary amount of gases required;and hey,that reminds me of the symbiotic nature of the clouds and the water bodies or the trees and the clouds.trees drink up from the fine water drops of the clouds and the clouds get moist from the transpirational processes of the trees.What if one day the clouds decide to suck up on the moisture selfishly and deny the trees the chance to get soaked?The dependency cycle would be breached.automatically the trees would die out,the area covered by oceans would open us to more opportunities to exercise our never ending love for sports,which wouldnt include surfing and other water sports and we probably would miss sailing.whats more is that the clouds would soon clear off and yes we would surely die out of dramatic episodes of dehydration.
The imagery description I have created brings out a form of trust between two aspects of nature .Its much of a contract signed in mutual trust aspiring to result into a self sustaining natural order.a contract signed with flashes of lightning and raging tidal waves.
Trust is a commonly used term in most of our daily operations to mean what we don’t even know it stands for
By definition,trust is a confidence in or reliance on some person or quality.Trust is also dependence upon something in the future,which is also painted in another name of Hope.
Trust can be breached depending on the forms of dependencies that existed in time,it could be mild or acute forms of transgressions which could roll from the extremes of stealing candy to breaching international contracts;I don’t seem to differentiate from that which is more linient.
Now the person,organization or object involved with the breaking of these trust chains is well known as a trustbuster.

19 thoughts on “THE ESSENCE OF TRUST

  1. I pray that I am never a trustbuster! (I like that term and will remember it.) Ultimately, I’ve found that the greatest, best, and only perfectly reliable Person I can trust is Jesus, my Savior!

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      1. Sammy, follow your passion! Do not give up. Many famous authors were rejected time and again, but they kept going. You do the same. And keep interacting with people on their blogs. As they get to know you, they will start visiting your blog. Let them know your name is Sammy. Most of us like to address the person by name when we are commenting and replying. Perhaps you could put some of your writing up on your blog. My writing appears under the pages “Inspiration” and “Spiritual.” You could add a page (not a post, but a page) to your blog that you title “My Writing” or “My Work” or something similar. That way, people can visit your blog and learn more about you through your writing. I hope this helps you ๐Ÿ™‚

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